Efficient industrial automation, anywhere.

CNC Monitor

Real-Time Machine Status

View and monitor real-time data for all of your machines, or for a specific group of machines of your choice.


CNC Monitor offers information about machine status such as set up time, cycle time, idle time and down time


CNC Monitor offers detailed analytics about machine status for any period of time.


Reports can be created for all of the machines, groups of machines, or only for a particular machine.


Instantly receive alerts via SMS or email every time one of your machines goes unexpectedly down.


Alerts are fully customizable and it’s possible to set a minimum amount of time elapsed between the status change and the alert.

Response time can be reduced to as little as five minutes, reducing overall downtime.


Easily visualize a 24-hour snapshot of your machines’ productivity.


With the timeline function it is possible to accurately determine the efficiency of every single one of your machines during the past 24 hours.


Effortlessly create groups where you can classify your machines according to type, building, clients, or any other category.


Our group functionality allows you to monitor similar machines with ease. In addition, groups can be deleted or new machines can be added to an already existing group.

Tablet Based Data Entry

CNC Monitor provides a user interface that can be used on a tablet directly by the machine operator to categorize planned and unplanned downtime, and send notifications about machine status.

CNC Monitor is a cloud-based monitoring software for CNC machines. Our CNC Monitor software wirelessly transfers real-time machine data and alerts, in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of your machine shop.

CNC Talk

CNC Talk is a mobile application designed to transfer data between your computer and all your CNCs, PLCs and Robots. The data can be transferred to and from any CNC machine via a secure Bluetooth connection without the hassle of cables.


CNC Talk provides three different options to transfer data:

Cloud:         Send and receive data through a cloud folder.

Network:   Send and receive data through a shared folder on your private network.

Local:          Send and receive data directly from your computer through USB connection.