Your one stop for Manpower  Solutions

  •  Our technical manpower grants you access to experience specialized in

      Laboratories and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Operations.


  •  Our skilled chemists and specialists can operate On Shore /Off Shore


  • Our niche skilled resources help commissioning of new

       laboratories and training of lab technicians.  

  • Ensure correct usage, maintenance and calibration of Laboratory Analytical


  • Correlate LNG Sample to analyze and evaluate results for buyer or seller as

       per Sales and Purchase (SAP) agreement.

  • Negotiate disputes in LNG analysis.

      Issue or Reissue Certificate of Quality.

  • Handle non-routine Analytical requests.

Our technical manpower grants you access to experience specialized

in Laboratories and Liquefied Natural Gas LNG)Operations. 

Our skilled chemists and specialists can operate OnShore /Off Shore facilities.