Frequently Ask Questions

A: This difficulty often arises from a lack of expertise or resources. It’s crucial to have the necessary know-how and assets for effective asset optimization

A: Limited market availability (less than 95%) might be due to operational or technical issues. Ensuring your systems are updated and compatible can alleviate this concern

obtaining warranty claims from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for defective or damaged components can be complex due to documentation or terms of service

A: Inadequate planning for O&M services during these phases can lead to escalated costs and operational challenges later on.

A: The BESS sector requires specialized skills, and there might be a shortage of highly skilled and experienced technicians in the market.

A: Ideally, response times should be within hours, not weeks. Delays can result in non-productive time (NPT) and lost revenue. Ensuring efficient communication and resource availability can reduce such delays.

A: Supply chain disruptions can cause such delays, leading to prolonged downtime and diminished system performance

A: Challenges in obtaining parts quickly can be due to limited stock or supplier issues. Partnering with a robust supply chain network can help in faster procurement

A: Effective communication ensures streamlined coordination between stakeholders. Poor communication can cause inefficiencies and project delays