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& Automation

​Engineering & Automation Project & Plant Support:


At TAS we strive to supply the highest level of customer service & communication to solve complex problems and provide streamlined solutions.  


Meeting and understanding client's requirements for electrical and mechanical needs for a successful project is our goal. With qualified and efficient technicians to meet the needs of our clients. Highly trained & experienced in mechanical, electrical, and software principles, exceptional logic reasoning abilities and over a decade of experience utilizing PLC programming languages such as ladder logic and sequential function charts.


Provider of complete ground up solutions not limited to system upgrades, repairs, and discrete system integration. Our work includes programmable logic controller (PLC) programming and human machine interface (HMI) design.


We offer  supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems which are designed to log system data and relay system information back to the user programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interfaces (HMI).

How TAS Technicians Support a Variety of Our Client Needs:

  • Designing systems to provide feedback and motor control

  • Integrate new or interpret legacy system logical flow diagrams

  • Installation of PLCs and programs working in coordination with the Engineering and Production teams

  • Instrumentation and programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

  • Maintaining PLC programs. Troubleshooting faults and alarms in the system. 

  • Testing the program and system using automation equipment for its reliability.  

  • Human-machine interface (HMI) design

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

  • Power electronics

  • Preparing operational and maintenance documents to instruct the customer and end users how to use the device and provide other safety instructions

  • Providing guidance and support to the technicians onsite and/or remote support   

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