About Us

Since our establishment in 2010, our organization has evolved into a multifaceted company offering comprehensive engineering services, skilled manpower solutions for Solar, BESS and Oil & Gas. Our reach extends across the United States, Canada, and South America, positioning us as a leading solution provider in the industry for commissioning and O&M Services.

At the heart of our expertise lies a focus on excellence. We excel in specialized areas delivering exceptional technical solutions. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique demands of your project. Whether you’re in the initial planning, construction phases or require support for ongoing operations & maintenance, we possess the specialized expertise you need.

In Houston, we sharpen our focus on O&M+ services, catering to the specialized needs of the manufacturing and energy sectors. We are dedicated to creating exceptional value for our clients seeking power plant commissioning services. This includes but is not limited to turn-key site management, controls design, programming and troubleshooting across a range of systems including CATL, Schneider, Siemens, Allen Bradley, and GE Fanuc.

Our Mission

At TAS we understand the paramount importance of reliability, efficiency, precision, and safety. Our mission is to surpass your expectations, empowering you to achieve your business goals. Our mission is to provide our clients with top-tier solutions and support, empowering them to achieve their objectives successfully.

Our Vision

The TAS approach is firmly rooted in innovation, unwavering reliability, and environmental stewardship. We strive to deliver solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also contribute to a cleaner future. Our strong partnerships with industry leaders and our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements set us apart. We understand the importance of reliability, efficiency. Our vision is dedicated to delivering advanced solutions that leverage the potential of renewable energy sources, all while prioritizing safety, environmental stewardship, and resilience.


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