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What We Offer

TAS Automation is an industry-leading provider of services and products tailored to production facilities. Our portfolio of professional services will help you evolve to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 - now and for the future.


TAS electrical and control system technicians design and incorporate systems that are streamlined, automated, and fully programmable, to meet the specific and evolving needs of industrial and manufacturing operations. 

Our services & products include but are not limited to Automation, CNC Machines, Control Engineering, PLCs, Valves, Valve Fittings, Tooling, Electrical Products Pumps and Technical Manpower.

Commitment to Quality

We are recognized by customers and suppliers alike for our extensive Quality Program, supplemented by our Approved Manufacturers List (AML) Management Program and Supplier Evaluation Program.

In addition, TAS Automation employs customer satisfaction surveys and a quality performance management system for reporting customer feedback as means to continually improve our quality processes and procedures.

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